K Á M E N   |   H A I L I
K Á M E N   |   H A I L I
K Á M E N   |   H A I L I

K Á M E N | H A I L I

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The Haili product was born of the idea of bringing the beauty of the nature inside, in a spectacular way. We added inspiration from the polar night, and crystallised the unique Lapland experience. Made in Finland.

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Ø 13.8 inches

Height: 1.4 inches

Material: Finnish birch

A reindeer leather detail set in the outer edge

An engraved detail of Kallio wood with a burned logo

Color: carbon black

Processing time for products is 2-4 weeks after that we ship the products.

Finland                                                                          2-5 working days
European EU countries                                             3-6 working days
European Non- EU                                                     3-7 working days
Outside of Europe                                                       7-10 working days

If you place your order in a country outside the European Union, you will be responsible for all eventual import tariffs and duties. We recommend that you contact your local customs office to determine the import price before placing your order.

You can use these payment methods please:

– Paypal
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Clean stains with a damp cloth and avoid soap and solvents.

Because of the natural characteristics of wood, you should not immerse the product in water.

Avoid heat and humidity.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service brand@havinabynorth.com.

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