Havína was born out of a spark of creative entrepreneurship, out of inspiration from maritime Lapland  and out of love of the round shape that can be used to disrupt or to complete linear solutions.  The round form combined with beautiful, natural wood captures attention, and it can stand the test  of time. The products are designed with a critical eye, and manufactured with absolute quality and style. Authenticity, usability and high standards are the values we are committed to.

The natural materials used in our products stand the test of time and they age gracefully. The time brings its own narrative to the product, and that story will be passed from one generation to another. Finnish artisans handcraft the products.

The whole has emerged from a clear vision and from innovative people pulling together. The core of Havína is focusing on living in the moment – while cherishing history and focusing on the future.  The brand believes in Lapland, in its future. Because of its uniqueness, it will remain a place where you want to return again and again, to hear the wind and to feel at peace.

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